PetroPhase has been the conference where academy and industry meet to discuss their latest findings in: 

  • Petroleum Properties
  • Flow and Production Assurance
  • Upgrading and Fouling
  • Hydrogen and Renewables
  • CCUS
  • Emulsion and Produced Water Management

The 2024 edition of PetroPhase Conference returns to Mexico , with the Mayan city of Merida as its venue. PetroPhase has traditionally brought industry leaders and subject-matter experts, to a place to discuss the chemistry and properties of hydrocarbon fluids, and their impact on petroleum upgrading, fouling and production assurance. Because of the important energy transition and climate change issues required in this industry, the conference also includes sessions on hydrogen and renewable energies, decarbonization and energy integration. The focus of these new topics will still be in the​ subject area of the main PetroPhase theme of fluid properties, phase behavior and fouling. 

The following personalities are the Keynote Speakers selected for the 24 th edition of this conference:

Eduardo Luna-Ortiz

PACE CCS Ltd, London

 Yosadara Ruiz-Morales

Petroleum Properties 
Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico City

 Jimmy Castillo

Student Conference
Central University of Venezuela, Caracas

Cesar Patiño-Juárez

Hydrogen and Renewables 
Ecopetrol-ICP, Bucaramanga City

Nagu Daraboina

Flow  Assurance
University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Francesco Coletti

Upgrading and Fouling 
Hexxcell Ltd, London

David Harbottle

Emulsions and Produced Water Management
University of Leeds, UK

  • Murray Gray 
    University of Alberta
  • Scott Hickman 
  • Carlos Lira-Galeana
    Mexican Institute of Petroleum
  • Simon Ivar Andersen
    DOTC, Technical University of Denmark
  • Michael P. Hoepfner
    The University of Utah
  • Eduardo Luna-Ortiz
    Pace CCS
  • Yosadara Ruiz-Morales
    Mexican Institute of Petroleum
  • Priyanka Juyal
  • Oliver Mullins
  • Francisco Vargas
  • Lina Navarro
  • John Nighswander
  • Cem Sarica
    University of Tulsa
  • Johan Sjöblom
    SP Consulting
  • Frans Van Den Berg
  • Jianxin Wang
  • Harvey Yarranton
    University of Calgary
  • Andrew Yen
    Baker Hughes
  • Yunlong Zhang





23rd – 2023, Houston, TX (USA)

22nd – 2022, Bucaramanga, (Colombia)

21st – 2021, First virtual meeting (USA)

2020, Missing for pandemic

20th – 2019, Kanazawa (Japan)

19th – 2018, Park City (USA)

18th – 2017, Le Havre (France)

17th – 2016, Elsinore (Denmark)

16th – 2015, Riviera Maya (México)

15th – 2014, Galveston, Texas (USA)

14th – 2013, Rueil-Malmaison (France)

13th – 2012, St Petersburg, Florida (USA)

12th – 2011, London (United Kingdom)

11th – 2010, Jersey City, New Jersey (USA)

10th – 2009, Rio de Janerio, (Brazil)

9th – 2008, Victoria, British Columbia (Canada)

8th – 2007, Pau (France)

7th – 2006, Asheville, North Carolina (USA)

6th – 2005, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

5th – 2004, Banff, Alberta (Canada)

4th – 2003, Trondheim, (Norway)

3rd – 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

2nd – 2000, Copenhagen, (Denmark)

1st – 1999, Houston, Texas (USA)