Dear Colleagues: 

Think on a conference held in a place of world-renowned events, massive natural places, and the heart of ancient civilizations which together provide a scientific, cultural, and natural atmosphere of attraction to all types of participants. This is Merida City, the venue where the 24th edition of the prestigious International Conference on Petroleum Phase Bahavior and Fouling -PetroPhase 2024- will be held for the second time in Mexico, on August 11 to 15, 2024. Merida is at the foot of the great Mayan pyramid of Chichen-Itzá, just around hundreds of Cenotes with the largest network of interconnected underground water caves, a product of the (nothing more-no less) nearby meteoric impact that extinguished the dinosaurs 70 million years ago (see: Like every year since 1999, PetroPhase is the leading international energy conference on scientific topics of interest to the hydrocarbon production and process industries, and renewable-energy developments that help accelerate an efficient energy transition.

The general topics of the conference are: i) CCUS, ii) Hydrogen and Renewables, iii) Emulsions and Produced Water Management, iv) Flow Assurance, v) Upgrading and Fouling, and vi) Petroleum Properties. The Technical Program includes oral and poster presentations, conferences for professionals and students, an industrial exhibition area, as well as a number of Keynote Addresses given by some of the leading international personalities on these topics. In this time, we will deliver the Prof. Socrates Acevedo Best Student Paper Award, in recognition to the splendid scientific work that this venezuelan chemist inherited to the human being. It is my sincere hope that the PetroPhase 2024 international conference will provide the scientific and cultural experience of a wide satisfaction to all participants. 

Carlos Lira-Galeana, Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico City